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Wildflower Mud Mask

Wildflower Mud Mask

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This little beauty is all about the flower power! Bentonite clay is combined with 7 botanicals chosen for their ability to nourish, heal, and reduce inflammation and breakouts! 

neem- naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory while also nourishing to dry skin

raspberry leaf- healing properties, anti-inflammatory and naturally astringent helping to improve firmness and reduce breakouts

yarrow flower- promotes circulation, amazing healing properties, contains potent antioxidants, reduces inflammation

dandelion root-  naturally packed with vitamins and minerals, dandelion root is beneficial to detox skin, helping to prevent acne and inflammation

dandelion leaf-  rich in antioxidants to help reduce premature aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

marshmallow root-  reduces inflammation and redness, helps retain moisture and plump skin cells helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

echinacea purpurea-  treat and prevent acne, naturally antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

To use, mix about 1 tsp of powder with  just enough water to form a mud-like consistency. Apply to face and neck and allow 15-20 minutes to dry before rinsing clean. 

net wt 2 oz