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Purifying Charcoal Mask

Purifying Charcoal Mask

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Belle & Rose Purifying Charcoal Mask has quickly become a customer favorite! The ingredients blend together for one powerful mask that is like a superfood for your face.

The hardwood activated charcoal works to pull impurities from the skin to effectively detox skin. When combined with turmeric, raw honey, spirulina, and hempseed oil, skin is left with a tingly glow!

This mask is packed full of some of my favorite ingredients:

Turmeric- natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties

Hempseed Oil- comodogenic rating of 0 meaning it won't clog pores, natural source of vitamins A and E, contains omega 6 fatty acids

Spirulina- effective in combating age spots, eczema, acne, and skin irritations

Raw Honey- natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, natural humectant and antioxidants leaving skin soft, moisturized, with a healthy glow

Dandelion and Rosemary extract- dandelion extract is a great natural anti-inflammatory, and also effective in combating acne, and both plants contain powerful antioxidants helping to combat signs of aging while also extending the shelf life of the product

*This product is made without adding water in order to prolong shelf life.

To use: Place small amount of mask in your hand or bowl, adding just a few drops of water to help smooth on. Leave on for 15-20 minutes, or until dried, allowing skin time to soak up the green goodness! Use 1-2 nights weekly for best results. 

net wt 2 oz