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Using a Charcoal Mask to Naturally Detox Skin


Have you ever heard that if you pour cheap vodka through charcoal you’ll come out with a product that’s worthy of a seat on any top shelf bar? The charcoal works like a sieve to get rid of impurities, leaving a better tasting product for your enjoyment.

There are many ways to use activated charcoal. You can consume it, use it on your hair, brush your teeth with it, or just use it to make that bottle of Papov slightly  more consumable. In my opinion, the best use is for detoxifying your skin, minimizing the appearance of pores, and getting that miracle glow going. 

How does activated charcoal work?

Let’s talk through this a bit. Your skin is porous and absorbs toxins, dirt, and anything that may decide to settle on it throughout the day (yuck!). All of that grime gets stuck in there and makes your pores appear larger. While I believe beauty comes from within, I don’t think I want mine seeping out through gaping pores.

Charcoal naturally acts like a magnet and clings to all of that grime clogging your pores, causing breakouts, dulling your complexion, and getting in the way of that natural glow. Charcoal is capable of absorbing 1000’s of times it’s mass in total, which means it acts like a sponge for everything you want removed. While it’s pulling out the grime, it also helps to regulate oil, fight acne-causing bacteria, and exfoliate! 

So how do I use a charcoal mask?

Our Detox Charcoal Mask is simple to use, and because we don’t pre-mix ours with water, it will last! 

Start by wetting your face with warm water to open the pores. Combine about a nickel-sized amount of mask with a few drops of water, and spread it on. The anti-microbial powers of honey are also put to work while you put your feet up and it dries for about 20 minutes. Once dried, remove in a gentle, circular motion with a wet washcloth and rinse with cold water to seal up the pores. 

This mask is my skin superhero. All of the benefits of activated charcoal combine with some of my favorite natural ingredients:

Turmeric- natural anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties 

Hempseed Oil- comodogenic rating of 0 meaning it won't clog pores, natural source of vitamins A and E, contains omega 6 fatty acids 

Spirulina- effective in combating age spots, eczema, acne, and skin irritations

Raw Honey- natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, natural humectant and antioxidants leaving skin soft, moisturized, with a healthy glow

Dandelion and Rosemary extract- dandelion extract is a great natural anti-inflammatory, and also effective in combating acne, and both plants contain powerful antioxidants helping to combat signs of aging while also extending the shelf life of the product

The result is clearer skin with an overall glow. Happy masking!

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