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A Cure for Winter Skin Woes


winter skin


The Oil Cleansing Method has grown in popularity in recent years among the healthy and holistic natural beauty community. While it may seem counterintuitive to mix oil with your pore problems, there are many advantages to using this method as a primary means to cleansing, especially during the winter months.  Whether you are a runner who endures the winter wind for hours at a time, or a mom who runs in and out of school pick ups in sub-freezing temperatures, oil cleansing may be the solution for your winter skin woes.


In the winter, our skin is ravaged by the effects of nature each time we step our foot out of the door. The centralized heat in our homes sucks the moisture out of the air, which means our skin takes punishment whether indoors or out. It’s like a game of cat and mouse, and our skin is a mouse that can’t find the hole it crept out of. The best thing we can do is to give it a little extra TLC during these dry months. After all, the skin is our largest organ, so it’s best to treat it right!

So what are the benefits of oil cleansing? The OCM (oil cleansing method) cleans out pores, pulling out and dissolving the gunk that settles on our skin throughout the day (think- like dissolves like). But the beauty of it is that it won’t dry and tighten your skin like traditional cleansers. Instead, it feeds your skin moisture along with a healthy dose of skin-loving nutrients. In addition to providing both moisture and cleansing, oils also act as a barrier to the harsh effects of exposure, and improve elasticity (read: prevent aging).


I recommend an oil cleansing method for many skin types, from the acne prone to the aging! A good place to start for any skin type are “dry” oils like jojoba and hemp seed oil. These are thin, non-comedogenic, and absorb easily. My number one choice is hemp seed oil because of the non-comedogenic nature, and the high concentration of Linoleic acid which helps to maintain the water barrier of the skin. 


The Belle & Rose Hemp Seed Oil Cleanser is the perfect introduction to oil cleansing for those used to a more sudsy scrub. By combining hemp seed oil with organic Castile (derived from olive oil), the “foamy” pleasure of a traditional cleanser is maintained. There are a couple of different ways to use this green hero. It can be used just as any other cleanser by wetting skin, massaging on and rinsing clean, or you can go with more of the traditional oil cleansing method. For this method, simply massage onto dry skin for 1-2 minutes, focusing a little more on problem areas, then massage off with a reusable towel using a gentle upward motion. Some people like to wet the towel with warm water, I typically use it dry. Either way is fine, do what feels good for you!


Although the temperatures may be dropping, and seasonal depression may set in, that is no excuse to let your skin suffer the consequences. Keep your face happy with the oil cleansing method, and remember, spring in Kentucky is always just around the corner!


  • I just have to say that I love all your products been using the body butter for my dry hands and it works great! Also the honey body scrub and mint scrub are wonderful they leave your skin feeling soft and smooth I have never had a product that made my skin feel so good, thanks for making great products! Customer for life!!

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