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4 Painfully-Obvious but Often-Ignored Tips for Great Skin





It’s easy to think only skin deep when thinking about healthy, clear skin. I don’t even want to know how much money I have spent over the years on products, really hoping and believing that the answer to all my skin problems could maybe, just maybe, come in a 2 oz jar. That’s not to say that there aren’t good products out there, because there are. But the hard truth is that no matter what miracle cream/serum/elixir you slather on your face, unless you are treating the rest of your body right those results are likely out of reach.

Now this is the part that you may not like. To achieve that healthy, glowing skin we all want, we have to respect our skin for what it is, the largest organ of the human body. So here are a few painfully obvious but often ignored tips to help you reach your skin goals:

You are what you eat. When we eat junk, we kind of feel like junk, right? Tastes so good but feels so bad (my words after downing a way-too-large portion of movie theater popcorn when taking the girls to see Mary Poppins Returns. It’s my weakness!). This applies to the skin as well. Our bodies need a diverse diet packed full of natural goodness to operate at its best. Just as the rest of our bodies show when we eat too much junk, so does our skin.

Stay thirsty, my friends. Water. Drink lots of water. You hear it all the time and it probably annoys you, but it’s undeniable. Water is vital to keeping our entire system healthy. It helps to flush out toxins and plump our cells when we are properly hydrated, so drink up.

Think good thoughts. Stress is a female dog, and none of us are immune. The key is to be mindful of your thoughts and take some quiet time to clear your head space. Even just a few minutes, at your desk, in the car, wherever you can squeeze it in, can really change your body chemistry and reduce stress levels. It can be as simple as focusing on your natural breathing pattern or keeping a gratitude journal. Not taking care of our mental health can derail all of our other good intentions, even if we think we’re doing everything else right.

Take a hike. Or go for a quick walk, bike ride, whatever floats your boat, but get outside and get those bodies moving! Our bodies just work better and feel better when we keep them fit and strong, from the inside out. Exercising 5-6 days a week, even if it’s a quick 10 minute walk with the dogs, is mandatory in keeping all of our bells and whistles ringing and singing. And don’t forget the aforementioned “get outside”. There’s something about the outdoors that has the ability to reset and revive us. So again, whether it’s a quick walk around the block, or exploring some local hiking trails, get out there! Feel the wind and the sun, listen to the birds and the rustle of the leaves, watch the critters, and remember that you are just a small piece of this puzzle. Let it put you in your place. We all need it from time to time. ;)

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