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Customer Feedback

This face scrub is a game changer! I've been using this for over a month and it has transformed my skin. For the past eight years I've been challenged with combination skin with acne and a slight case of eczema that occurred after the birth of my daughter. Now my face has a smooth, even texture and glows! This will definitely be a staple in my routine. Thanks Belle and Rose.


I am a loyal fan of the skin cream with essential oils. I have pretty dry skin and haven't found an affordable, organic lotion ever until belle and rose! I truly love the product- the packaging, the scent, and how great it works. Thanks❤️


I have had acne issues since I turned 30 but every facial product I tried nothing seemed to have worked until about a month ago I started using Bell and Rose Naturals. My skin feels so much softer and it’s so much clearer now. It has helped out tremendously, and I love the way it smells too! 


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